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How to Use WayAway to Find Cheap Flights

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WayAway is a must-use tool for finding cheap flights and saving money on travel. Here’s how to use WayAway to travel for cheap and save a lot of money on airfare.

What is WayAway?

WayAway is a search engine that scans hundreds of websites to find flight offers worldwide.

They also have in-depth city guides put together with the help of local experts (I helped put together the Atlanta guide!), as well as a partnership with to help you find hotels.

But what I really want to focus on right now is how they can help you find cheap flights because that’s the basis of their business.

WayAway is a flight aggregator that finds the best rates on plane tickets through online travel agencies and airlines. Their innovative search compares airfares offered and finds the best options for your specific travel dates. You’ll see the final prices including all taxes and fees, giving you the best deal.

Even better, WayAway offers a premium membership, WayAway Plus, that offers up to 5% cashback on every flight you book. There is a free 7-day trial so you can try it before you buy. Plus, get 10% off your WayAway Plus membership using the promo code PaigeMindsTheGap or by clicking this link.

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How WayAway Helps You Find Cheap Flights

See the cheapest prices upfront.

When selecting your dates for a specific destination, you’ll see a calendar view showing prices per one-way flight. You can look through and find the cheapest departure and return tickets for your trip. This helps you keep your dates flexible, which is one of the best ways to save money on travel.

Create a multi-city route.

Planning a big trip to multiple destinations? The multi-city route option makes country hopping easy! You’ll see results and prices for your entire trip.

Search for the cheapest flight anywhere.

Don’t have a destination in mind and just want to go anywhere cheap? Just put in your destination as “Anywhere” and you can find the cheapest flights to anywhere in the world on your given dates! This search is a lot of fun to play around with.

View a price chart.

The price chart lets you see a graph of the flight prices. With this handy visual, you can see when prices are up and when they’re low.

See what’s cheapest, fastest, and most convenient.

Labels on search results show you what the cheapest, fastest, and most convenient (with the fewest layovers) flight options are.

Set up price alerts.

You can set up price alerts for set dates, destinations, and specific filters so that you can receive email notifications if the flight prices fluctuate.

Get cashback on flights.

WayAway‘s unique feature is that you can get cashback on flights when you join the WayAway Plus membership. Plus Members can receive up to 5% cashback on any flight they book, as well as up to 10% off other travel services.

Even if you haven’t joined WayAway Plus, you’ll still see how much cashback you could receive listed under each flight price, just in case you needed a little extra enticing.

They also have a 7-day FREE trial where you get unlimited access to city guides, cashback for purchases (which you can withdraw after purchasing the full membership), and the opportunity to ask one question to WayAway’s travel experts.

Get 10% off a WayAway Plus membership using the promo code PaigeMindsTheGap or by clicking this link.

Learn more about using WayAway Plus here.

Cheap flights with cashback

How to Use WayAway

WayAway‘s flight search system is really easy to use. Here are two great ways to search for cheap flights.

How to Search For a Flight

1. Enter your departure location and your destination. Once these details are filled out, the page will load helpful information like a Price Chart and, for major cities, a city guide with a map, local favorites, restaurants, and more.

WayAway Search

2. Next, fill out your departure and return dates using the handy calendar view. Select your number of passengers and cabin class. If needed, you can select Create multi-city route. Then click Search flights.

WayAway Calendar View

3. Within seconds, WayAway will pull up the best flights, usually two of the cheapest and most direct. Click the Show all tickets button to see more options.

WayAway Search Results

4. Narrow down your search as needed with the filters on the left of the screen. You can filter by number of stops, departure and arrival times, flight duration, airlines, airports in the area, and more.

5. The search results page lists the airline, departure and arrival times, the WayAway Pro cashback, layovers, and labels and icons for things like cheapest, cheapest direct, most convenient, overnight layover, and long layover.

WayAway Extended Search Results

6. Once you’ve decided on a flight, click Select ticket. You’ll be taken to a page listing the price, the website providing that price, WayAway Pro cashback, if baggage is included and the price to add on, and the details of the flight.

WayAway Select Flight

7. If you’re happy with the flight and price, then click Buy ticket. This will take you to that airline or travel agency’s website so you can book the flight.

How to Search for Flexible Destinations

1. In the destination field, search for Anywhere. Fill out the rest of your travel details as well.

WayAway Anywhere Feature

2. The search results page shows a list of countries sorted by cheapest flights available to that country, along with a map. Click on a country to see the cities with the cheapest flights.

WayAway Anywhere Results

3. Find a city and a price that intrigues you and click to see the available flights.

4. You’ll be taken to a search results page that you’re well familiar with now. Follow steps 3-7 above just as you would when regularly searching flights.

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How to Use WayAway to Find Cheap Flights

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